1. Violations Code & Ban Criteria


2. Content Violation and Enforcement Protocol


3. Ban Policies & Item Confiscation Procedures
3.1. Depending on the act subject to a ban, the use of the entire service or individual games may be prohibited.

3.2. The items subject to confiscation include all contents such as game money, cyber points, etc.

3.3. The period of usage restriction may be changed at the discretion of the operator depending on the severity of the violation.

3.4. In case of a ban, the usage of the banned account (ID) is permanently restricted.

3.5. If bans are imposed sequentially, additional bans may be applied consecutively depending on the timeframe of offenses.

3.6. Despite the criteria in the ban policy, the period of ban may be reduced or increased depending on the degree of violation by the user.

3.7. Actions not specifically mentioned in the ban policy but which interfere with game operations or harm other users may also result in a ban.

3.8. Cash refunds for banned accounts (IDs) must comply with the cash refund policy and be requested via the customer service center.

3.9. If an act subject to a ban violates current laws, the user may face civil and criminal punishment in addition to game-related ban, through a request for investigation.


4. Exceptions
4.1. During the maximum period of up to 7 days required for investigation and action, a user's login may be restricted, and if innocence is confirmed during the investigation period, restrictions will be lifted.

4.2. Temporary usage restrictions may be imposed for payment fraud or issues due to hacking, and the account (ID) can be restored after verification of authenticity.

4.3. If it is confirmed that the restriction was imposed erroneously due to abnormal usage, restrictions (usage restriction and suspension, etc.) will be lifted.


※ This operating policy will take effect from March 25, 2024

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